42 Kashmir Recipes That You Can Make For Lunch or Dinner

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Kashmir Cuisine is filled with comfort food and it will make you go back for more. This is because of the richness and also the flavours that are infused by the use of whole spices. The Kashmir valley is a considered as the crown of India and is majorly influenced by the Mughlai cuisine. The place is not only known for its serene look but also filled with delicacies that would keep your mouth watering for more.

The dishes are mildly flavoured and the whole spices that are commonly used are fennel, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, bay leaf, cloves and saffron. It is found that Kashmir is one of the largest production of saffron and hence the usage is profound in most of their dishes.

As the cuisine is influenced mainly by Mughals, Kashmir is known for its Non-Vegetarian dishes. One of the signature dish which is the “Rogan Josh” has been the favourite among many non veg eaters in India. Non veg like minced chicken, lamb and fish are extensively used in their cooking. “Yakhni” is also one such popular dish from Kashmir which is made using lamb cooked in a yogurt based curry. Yogurt is used in most of their cooking like for marinating, curries, rice preparation etc.

Rice is considered as a hearty food in Kashmir and they are made as a Pilaf that are tossed with aromatic spices and slightly sweetened. The pilafs are filled lots of dry fruits and fresh fruits to add in the extra crunch and texture to the dish. “Modur Pulao” is one of the famous rice preparation that is had in most of their festive occasion.

The valley is famous for its bakery product as well, the places are filled with traditionally bakeries known as the “Kandur” locally in Kashmir. The breads from this place are quiet soft and fluffy that are mostly oven baked. Breads like Kulcha, Bakarkhani, Peshwari Naan and sheermal are widely eaten along with curries.

The most popular beverage from Kashmir is the Noon Chai which is called as the “Pink Tea”. The name comes from “Noon” meaning salt, which is added into the Tea preparation.

Here we have gathered as many Kashmir inspired Recipes as possible that you would love to try them out at your kitchen.