31 Kheer Recipes That You Can Make On Festivals & Special Occasions

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Kheer, a delicious milk pudding which is made during festivals and special occasions. In North India, this milk pudding is called "Kheer", but in South India it is called as "Payasam". Usually kheer is made with rice, which is boiled with milk and flavoured with kesar and dry fruits. It is a delicious Indian dessert which can be flavoured with different fruits and vegetables.

Some of the Kheer that you can prepare during festivals and special occasions are Mango Kheer, Lauki Kheer, Sabudana Kheer etc. To make it more healthy, you can also use Brown Rice instead of White Rice, as it tastes equally delicious.

To sweeten the Kheer, mostly sugar and jagger is used. You can make it more rich by adding kesar to the kheer, which gives it a nice colour and texture. This Kheer which is also called as Payasam in South India is also served in temples as ''Prasad". One of the very popular Kheer, Sabudana Kheer is made during fasting days. Sabudana is used in place of Rice to make this delicious Kheer. So when you are fasting, do give this delicious Kheer a try!

So, this festival give your usual Kheer a break and try these delicious and mouth watering Kheer Recipes which you can make in your kitchen with minimal ingredients. You can also make them as a dessert for your festive dinners, special occasions or house parties.