58 Must Try Healthy Drumstick Recipes & Drumstick Leaf Recipes - Moringa Recipes

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Drumstick is an essential part of every South Indian sambar. A vegetable that is most popularly found to be in greater use and filled with super powers. Drumstick which is most popularly called as Moringa, Murungakkai, Murangakaya, Shevaga, Saragvo in various Indian language is found to be a part of people’s everyday diet nowadays. This is mainly because of the nutrition content that the vegetable and the leaves have.

Every part of the tree is put to use, it is so wonderful to see how southern part of Indian and few parts in the western relish the drumstick pods and the drumstick leaves in their cooking. Most often the tree is found in the backyard of their house where it can be grown best on a sandy soil. When compared to the other trees, these branches are quite slim and are drooping. The branches are trimmed to 1 meter of length so it becomes easy for people to use the leaves as well as the pod.

Drumstick pods are quite tender, long and thin. They are rich in Calcium and Vitamin C and Iron. They help to build strong bones, it is very good for pregnant women also. The Pods are usually cleaned by scraping the outer layer little in order to remove the fibrous part. It is then cut into 2-3 inch long pieces which are either steamed, stir fried, pressure cooked along with other ingredients.

Drumstick leaves on the other hand is known for its excellent source of nutrition and is natural energy booster. They are a rich source of protein, beta-carotene, vitamin C, Iron and Calcium. The leaves are taken out from the branches, washed and then used. The leaves are either stir fried simply with masala, or it can be added into the sambar, dosa batter, rotis to enrich your dish with Moringa leaves. The texture of the Moringa leaves once cooked are slightly chewy and has a slight hint of bitterness.

Important Health Benefits of Moringa/Drumstick Leaves & Pods:

  1. Good For Heart: Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties present in them they help to battle out heart related diseases and heart blockage.
  2. Anti -Diabetic Property: Helps in adjusting the blood sugar level in the blood because of presence of certain compounds. Moringa leaves reduce lipids and glucose level and reduce oxidative stress in diabetic patients.
  3. Reduces Cholesterol Level: Moringa leaves improve digestion in the body, and also helps to regulate unbalanced cholesterol in the body.
  4. Good for Pregnant women : The leaves help in increasing the breast milk after child birth. It helps to overcome pregnancy symptoms like vomiting and dizziness. It will also ease any complicating during pregnancy.
  5. Lowers Infection : A good bowl of drumstick soup will help to fight any infection or flu. Apart from this they are also very good for your skin and hair.

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