Comforting Cheesy Meal Of Creamy Au Gratin With Soup And Bread For Dinner

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A comforting meal, piping hot, served straight out of the kitchen on your table on a winter evening, is this lip smacking meal of Garlic Bread served with Clear Vegetable Soup and a main course of Cauliflower & Broccoli Au Gratin. Sounds interesting, right? Then why to wait, do give this meal a try for your weekend dinner.

Each of us like to serve our family a wholesome meal, packed with nutrients, yet absolutely delicious. This meal here begins with a Vegetable Clear Soup, which is loaded with vegetables like carrot, beans and mushrooms and lightly spiced with salt & pepper.

In this recipe, the splash of lemon juice makes all the difference. Sipping on this super nutritious soup not just during winters or monsoons, this bowl of vegetable soup is comfort food. Eat it when you are looking for a light meal or when you're or just because. 

Paired with this meal is a Classic Garlic Bread. Crusty bread that is further toasted and then slathered with generous amount of butter flavoured with garlic. This garlic bread is familiar with almost all people, be it kids, youngsters and the adults and is a favourite amongst them all. Adding some cheese over this garlic bread would instantly enhance the garlic bread, adding oodles of richness, making it lip smacking. 

The main dish here is a Creamy Au Gratin, which is a bake dish of vegetables. Here, cauliflower and broccoli are laced in a rich white sauce loaded with cheese on the top. The dish is baked and the textures come out beautifully with the crunch from the veggies, creamy sauce and the cheese crust on the top. 

So wait no more and whip up this meal in your kitchen already.