Recipe Contest : Get Creative With Your No Onion No Garlic Vegetarian Recipes

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With so many festivals coming up, we are back with a new contest, ‘No Onion No Garlic Recipes Vegetarian’. Here is your chance to send us some of your delicious recipes which are made without Onion and Garlic.

As Navratras, Paryushan, Janmashtami and other major festivals just around the corner, mostly people eat food without Onion and Garlic due to religious concerns. During these festivals, most of the people fast and there are so many recipes which are only dedicated to fasting. We would love to receive them from you!

You can also submit Jain recipes, as along with onion and garlic there are many food items like root vegetables and green vegetables which Jain community don't consume specially during their festival ‘Paryushan’. 

Archana’s Kitchen invites home cooks and bloggers to enter their favourite ‘No Onion No Garlic Vegetarian recipes' to show their love towards it. Go tap your creativity, get into the traditional recipes and share your favourites with us. 

Note: Contestants who keep the recipes healthy and non-fried  will have a higher chance of winning.

To Enter Our ‘No Onion No Garlic’ Contest You Must

  • Share your favourite No Onion No Garlic Vegetarian recipes along with recipe instructions.
  • Get creative with your recipes. Submit as many recipes you can, the more the merrier and better chances of winning. Ensure you keep them healthy and non-fried.
  • Click an amazing picture of the food you cooked. The most important thing about the contest is the picture. Along with a good recipe, make sure that you send a high-resolution picture, which is simple and attractive. We always look for a close shot of the recipes, so that our viewers can see the texture of the food. Please do not add any text or watermark on the images. Please do not take recipes off the internet, you will be eliminated from the contest.
  • Ensure your recipes have a good description, detailed recipe instructions and a great looking photo of the food. You will have a higher chance of getting selected if you follow the rules.

Winners Will Get

  1. 1st Prize- Wonderchef Nutri blend 400-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinders
  2. 2nd Prize- Pro Wonderchef Picasso Cookware Set, 4-Pieces
  3. 3rd Prize- Wonderchef Regalia 930-Watt Toaster

Note: Not all recipes will be published on the website, but all recipes submitted will be entered into the contest.

Winner Of The No Onion No Garlic Contests are

1st Prize- Waagmi Soni- (Sprouted Moong Dhokla Recipe)

2nd Prize- Alaka Jena (Potala Rasa Recipe (Oriya Style Parwal Sabzi))

3rd Prize- Reena Vyas (Potato Stuffed Dal Dhokli Recipe)



The No Onion No Garlic Recipes (Contributed For The Contest)