Recipe Contest : Share The Best Non Veg Recipe From Your Kitchen

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Contest Starts : 28 June 2017
Contest Ends : 25 July 2017

Every region of India has its own non vegetarian delicacies that fall into appetizers, main course or side dishes to the main meal. Each cuisine cooks the same meat differently and the taste is so delectable and mouthwatering. They differ in cooking oils as well which also alters the taste and elevates the meat to another level. Tender meats are marinated and goes into recipes, and sometime the meat is directly cooked or steamed. We do add a lot of spices as seen in a laal maas or we can even make it very mild with just the basic spices going into the dish, but tastes exemplary. Bring in the favourite non-vegetarian recipes from your kitchen that your family and friends have praised you for. 

With the monsoons kicked in and pushing us to do more and more delicious non vegetarian recipes, send us the meat lover's recipes that every foodie will like and try. If you have brought in your delicious twist to the traditional recipes, they definitely do need a recognition and this contest is a platform like no other, to showcase your culinary skills.

So What Are We Looking For Exactly In The Contest?

  1. Share with us the best of the non veg recipes from your kitchen, which is loved by your family. 
  2. Recipes can either be appetizers, main course or a side dishes. Whether it’s a special Dry Sabzi, Curry, Dal or Kadhi and belongs to any Indian or International Cuisine.
  3. You are free to make any meat dish you love, and to bring in any healthy twist you want for your recipes.

To Enter our Contest - "Share The Best Non Veg Recipe From Your Kitchen"

  1. Share most delicious recipes along with clear recipe instructions. 
  2. Click an amazing picture of the food you cooked. We always look for a close shot of the food, so that our viewers can see the texture and colors of the food.
  3. Upload the recipe along with a good looking clear & high resolution picture of the plated recipe.
  4. Please do not use any food colors or artificial ingredients in the recipe, they will not be published or selected.
  5. Two most important things about the contest is the picture and a well written recipe. Your recipe will get selected if you ensure that the recipe has a good description, a good set of recipe instructions and a great looking photo of the food.
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Winners Will Get

What more! 3 amazing recipes will also get a chance to win kitchen appliances that are enlisted. So hurry up, send your recipes for the Contest - "Share The Best Non Veg Recipe From Your Kitchen".

1st prize - Prestige Aluminum Multi Kadai, 3 Litres/280mm

2nd prize - Philips Daily Collection HR1459 300-Watt Hand Mixer (White and Beige)

3rd prize - Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Deep-Fry Pan (Kadhai) with Stainless Steel Lid, 2.75 Litre

Winners Are

1st Prize Maumita Paul - Lebu Lonka Murgi Recipe (Chicken With Gondhoraj Lebu And Green Chillies)

2nd Prize Nandita Gupta - Chicken Crepe Lasagne Recipe

3rd Prize Ruby Pathak - Italian Jumbo Prawn Roast Recipe With Basil, Tomato & Cottage Cheese

Recipes from Recipe Contest : Share The Best Non Veg Recipe From Your Kitchen