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Monica is a mother, a weekend baker and a collector of cookbooks and articles on cooking and baking. Cooking is her way of taking a break from her day job. She is a curious cook who enjoys creating dishes that add a twist to everyday recipes. She especially loves baking, experimenting with new flavours and ingredients, and adapting recipes to make them her own. Funnily enough, her habit of not following recipes to the letter is a mixed blessing. Visit her blog for more recipes Oven Goodies and Varan BhaatVaran Bhaat

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Pathare Prabhu Roath Recipe (Semolina Cake)

Friday, 04 August 2017 00:16

Pathare Prabhu Roath Recipe is a semolina cake recipe that you must try during an evening for tea time snack. It is the perfect counterfoil to spicy tea time snacks as it gently balances the tastes in your mouth so you can enjoy every bite. Roath is made from semolina soaked in milk, sweetened, ...

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Maharashtrian Kolambi Che Lonche Recipe (Prawns In Pickle Masala)

Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:14

Maharashtrian Kolambi Che Lonche Recipe is a very spicy side dish recipe that is made with pickle masala. Mum used to send us a hot lunch every day of the school week. Saturday mornings were spent looking forward to the fish that would invariably arrive in our tiffin due to fish market on every Saturday. ...

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Jeera Miri Kolambi Recipe - Cumin & Black Pepper Prawns

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 11:14

Jeera-Miri Kolambi Recipe which is also called as Cumin & Black Pepper Prawns is a similar recipe to the Jeera Miri Chicken. It has the kick of the pepper along with the heat of the red chillies. There are also some curry leaves in this recipe which adds more flavour to this recipe.  The ...

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Amrakhand Recipe - Mango Shrikhand Recipe

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 12:38

Amrakhand recipe is a delicious Mango Shrikhand recipe that is made from the best of the mangoes available in the summer season. Alphonso mango is the favorite of the Indian mangoes that is used in making this Shrikhand. The Amrakhand is simple and quick to make if you have ready ...

Hirve Kaalvan Recipe (Fresh Coriander and Coconut Curry)

Friday, 22 March 2013 11:14

Hirve Kaalvan or Fresh Coriander and Coconut Curry is a perfect dish that can be prepared especially when you are tired of the usual dal accompanying your meals. This is a versatile curry that goes with any meal, that is mild and creamy. The Hirve Kaalvan pairs beautifully hot steamed rice ...

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Maharashtrian Batatyacha Kees Recipe (Spicy Roasted Potatoes With Peanuts)

Friday, 22 March 2013 10:05

Batatyacha Kees is a spicy aloo/potato recipe that is made with a delicious combination of cooking potatoes along with peanuts, cumin and green chillies. By keeping the ingredient list to a minimum, the flavors of the peanuts, along with green chillies makes this dish quick and simple to prepare and ...

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Vegetarian Chickpea Burger Recipe

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 17:37

The Vegetarian Chickpea Burger Recipe make perfect one dish dinner for those Friday Movie Nights at home. The chickpea is simple to put together and makes a dinner under an hour when you have all the ingredients handy. To make your dinner preparation simpler you can prepare the chickpea pattie ahead ...

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Muesli Ballyvaughan | Overnight Muesli Recipe

Tuesday, 05 February 2013 14:41

Muesli Ballyvaughan or Overnight Muesli is a great overnight muesli that we first tasted at Drumcreehy House in Ballyvaughan (Ireland). I have named it in remembrance of the fond memories of our holiday there. This is the perfect recipe for breakfast without too much fuss. Serve Muesli Ballyvaughan or ...

Tikhat Rava Recipe (Spicy Semolina Crumble)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 21:08

Tikhat Rava is not quite Upma but very similar to it since the base is semolina. This has been a favourite teatime snack ever since we were kids. It makes for a great brunch too. Serve Tikhat Rava Recipe (Spicy Semolina Crumble) with evening Adrak Chai Recipe and Baked Multigrain Mathri. If ...

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Thumbprint Cookie Recipe With Orange Curd Recipe

Thursday, 10 January 2013 11:37

Thumbprint cookies with Orange Curd are crumbly and delicious, melt in the mouth cookies are a cookie lover’s delight. The original recipe uses lemon curd but I decided to try a variation instead. I kept the lemon juice and zest in the recipe. Serve Thumbprint Cookie Recipe With Orange ...

Quick Creamy Pea Soup Recipe

Friday, 04 January 2013 13:41

The Quick Pea Soup Recipe is absolutely simple and quick to make and delicious soup to make. Made from freshly steamed peas, some olive oil, black pepper and cream makes this nutritious and wholesome too. The soup can be savoured any time of the year and I find it particularly handy especially on ...

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Maharastrian Style Kurkure Batate Recipe (Spicy & Crispy Roasted Potatoes)

Friday, 14 December 2012 21:29

Kurkure Batate is a simple and delectably tasty dish that makes a delicious weekday lunch with Phulkas. It is simple to make for the quick lunches or dinner. The spices can always be adapted to make it spicier or tone it down, depending on your taste.  Did you know: Potatoes are known ...

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Maharashtrian Bharleli Vaangi Recipe (Stuffed Roasted Aubergines)

Monday, 03 December 2012 10:26

Stuffed aubergines, bharwan baingan or as we call this dish in Marathi ‘bharleli vaangi’ are delicious whichever name you choose. My aubergine averse better half is now a convert, thanks to this recipe.  This recipe can be baked in an oven as well. Try use small, firm and gleaming aubergines ...

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