Enjoy A Wholesome Continental Dinner with Herbed Quinoa, Mushroom Bolognese & Minty Apple Salad

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A delicious yet healthy continental meal that you can serves as brunch over the weekends or works great even as dinner. This meal with Herbed Butter Garlic Quinoa, Walnut & Mushroom Veg Bolognese and an Apple Cucumber Minty Salad is something you shouldn't miss out on. 

To break the monotony of our everyday dal chawal meals, over the weekends the family looks forward to something different from the usual. This meal is a highly nutritious, as the meal uses ingredients like quinoa, walnuts, apples, cucumbers. 

The vegetarian bolognese is inspired from the classic Italian bolognese, Although we've used walnuts and mushrooms, if you do not prefer mushrooms, you can add a medley of vegetables like baby corn, carrots, zucchini, bell peppers or even tofu. The meat lovers can add chicken instead.

While the quinoa is seasoned with garlic and herbs, pressured cooked to bring out all the flavours and the fresh salad has a mix of crunchy ingredients like apples, cucumbers and a few pickled jalapeno slices, that not only add to the tang but also add to the heat of the salad. 

You could add any ingredients of your choice to the salad, be it pineapples, carrots, radish or any thing of your choice. 

So head to your kitchen and whip up this meal already.