Cook 8 Authentic Lohri Recipes To Make Your Festival More Special

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Some festivals in India are celebrated through out the country, but some are celebrated in specific regions. ‘Lohri’ is one such festival which is especially celebrated in the States of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu.

It is widely celebrated by Punjabis on 13th of January which marks the culmination of winter. It is said that it is the end of winters and starting of spring, which is longer days and shorter nights. People gather with their families and friends around the bonfires, throw foods like puffed rice, sesame seeds, popcorn, jaggery in the flames, sing folk songs and dance on the beats of dhol along with delicious food.

Celebrated with great joy, the festival of Lohri is celebrated with food and a lot of traditions. On the day of Lohri, People worship the god of fire, Agni and also the harvest of rabi crops. When it comes to food, from Makki Di Roti, Sarson Da Saag to Murmura Laddo, a lot of delicacies are prepared on this day.

And when the flavour of food comes together with culture, we know its the time to celebrate! As it is rightly said “Good Food, Good People and Good Times”. So, let the festivities begin with Bhangra, traditional songs and some lip smacking and scrumptious food. Therefore, we have lined up a few authentic North Indian recipes which are cooked in every household during the festival. Make them in your kitchen and enjoy your every bite this festival!

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