December 8 2011 Holiday Cooking Classes

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This session was started after a year long break in cooking lessons. The set of people who came to attend the classes was an enthusiatic lot. A few working women, a few who work for themselves and a few with a few allergies and a few who dont eat eggs. All took time off from their work, their commitments and allergies to attend a class as they wanted to do something new. I was excited, wanted to please them all in the little space - my kitchen.

What We Cooked at the Cooking Class

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December 8th 2011 - HOLIDAY COOKING

- New York Style Cheese Cake
- Roasted Vegetable Pesto Tart, will teach on how to make tart crust as well
- Filled Red Peppers Rolls with Home made Ricotta/Paneer
- Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Dip

We started off making New York Style Cheese Cake, although I always believed I have made the most authentic of cheese cakes and make them the best- there was one gliche that happened. Well, we beat in the cream cheese, cream, eggs, added the dash of flour and so on and on in our KitchenAid Mixer.  Preheated the oven, poured the cheese cake batter into the spring foam pan. While doing so, discussed about the various pans that can be used and that are available. Discussed about baking times and how they differ with from oven to oven. Finally  the cheesecake went into the oven for baking. Still waiting to hear the gliche?

Then we moved on to making the Tart crust. Taught them how to combine the flour and butter for the crust, working gently with fingers and finally making the dough. Ah did I tell you what happened just before we began the tart crust. As I had picked up the flour packet to measure three cups of flour for the crust, I noticed I had opened the wrong flour packet. It was not the all purpose flour - it was urad flour. I shreeked in my mind, I am not sure the women even felt my pulse. I spoke my mind loudly to them and that is when they all said - thats the same flour that went into the cheese cake. Ah.. that gliche which made the cheese cake taste different. But guess what, there was one person who was happy and that was the person who had Gluten Allergy!


The rest of the session went on as planned, but this pacemaker in my heart was not slowing down. I mean, I have made mistakes, but not such a big one. Well we all learn and my friends at class laughed it out. Thank guys for  understanding.

At the end of the class, there was satisfaction, but a sense of let down to myself. With this session I have risen a level above. I love to measure every little spoon I add into my dish and at the end never do the tasting before the finishing and I have trusted my instincts with the results. And now, not only will I trust my instincts of taste, with age I will have to start keeping a watch on my own eye for ingredients:).

Below are a few fun moments taken at class.

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