11 Delectable Bajji Recipes For An Evening Snack With Chai

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Bajjis are often synonymous with the Indian cuisine. A classic tea time snack, Bajjis as it is known in South India, it is called Bhajjias in the north. Made differently in different regions, each state has its own little version of the recipe. bajji is one such snack that is literally loved by all age groups. 

Often found sold on the streets, you will find each street have this little hole in the wall shop or a cart, selling these delicious bajjis, piping hot straight out of the kadai.  

Commonly, raw bananas, big bhajji green chilli, ridge gourd, potato, capsicum, bitter gourd/karela bajjis are made. These Bajjis are often served as a tea time snack, but are also found to be served at festivals, weddings and special occasions where the traditional banana meal is served.

A variety of vegetables, cut into roundels or strips are dunked in a batter made of gram flour and simple masalas. Sometimes the batter includes rice flour or all purpose flour to add to the crispiness of the bajji. Many a times you will also find a spoon of the hot oil in the batter, that is taken from the kadai meant for deep frying the bhajjis. 

Bajjis taste best when served along with a chutney like Coconut chutney or even with green chutney, and of course the oil from the bajjis can be washed down with a piping hot cup of South Indian Filter Coffee making this a complete tiffin or a evening snack meal like we call it in South India. 

Although these bajjis are enjoyed mostly during the monsoon season and winter months, there really is no good time or place to enjoy these crispy crunchy vegetable bites. 

So wait no more, and stir up these delectable bajjis in your kitchen, that your family and friends can't refuse.