Lunch Box Recipes: Chole Biryani & Curd

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Making a Lunch Box for yourself and your kids can be difficult sometimes, therefore we got you a delicious and flavorful Lunch Box which includes Chole Biryani and Curd.

Chole Biryani is a delicious Biryani which is easy to make and is loved by everyone. In this Biryani, there are different layers of cooked rice, spicy chana masala and caramelised onions which adds an extra flavour to the dish. Chole or Chickpeas are high in proteins and therefore including them in your meals is a good idea as they help you to fulfill the daily nutrition intake of the day.

Along with Biryani we have served curd which is flavoured with dry pudina leaves. When mixed with the Biryani it just tastes delicious. Also, curd is good to eat in summers as they keeps your body cool and also helps in digestion.