30 Delicious Khichdi Recipes Perfect for Meal Times: All Time Favourite Comfort Food Of India

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Khichdi is a wonderful dish which can be made with even a handful of ingredients and is basically a one pot mishmash of nutritious food. Khichdi is what most parts of India calls in when people fall sick with cold cough and common fever. Besides being easily digestible for people with poor digestion, this is a filling comfort food when we are out of prepping time for a dinner or lunch on a busy day.

Khichdi is a cooked one pot meal that can contain rice, millets, and grains, pulses and dal, optionally along with vegetables. Bisi bele bhaat, Pongal are all the different faceted khichdi that you can see. Here are a few recipes that you can make when you are in hurry and running short of patience to make an elaborate meal, or when you are looking for a comfort meal while someone is sick in the family. You can pair most khichdi recipes with curd, raita, boondi, crisps like potato chips or papad, and side dishes like kadhi, gotsu and more.