Delicious Ways To Use Thai Curry Pastes In Your Cooking

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Each region across the world has its own style of cooking practices and traditions, which often correlates to its culture. Cuisines around the world have different influences over them , they use varied ingredients, which result in an array of food profiles from textures to flavours and they way they are eaten and their appropriate pairings. 

Here is one such cuisine, that is screaming flavours of sweet, spicy and tangy, along with earthy flavours of lemongrass, basil, galangal and of course the use of spicy hot red chillies.  No prizes for guessing the cuisine we are discussing is Thai.  Thai curry pastes form the base of almost all dishes made across the cuisine, be it the classic curry recipes, or even soups, appetisers or even meals in a bowl.   

1. Thai Curry Pastes 

These curry pastes are packed with absolute abundance of flavours.

  • The Red Thai curry paste, uses dry red chillies that lends its color to both the curry paste and its name. 
  • The Green curry paste is yet another paste, that uses fresh green chillies and spring onion greens to the curry paste that gives it its beautiful lush colour and the earthy taste. 
  • The Yellow curry uses similar ingredients, the addition of turmeric powder is what lends it rich color.  


2. Thai Curries 

The curries are made of either the red curry paste, green curry paste or yellow curry paste, however the combinations of vegetables or meat used are different, while one is a combination of mango and chicken the other uses sweet potato and beans while yet another is made with cauliflower and tons of vegetables. 


3. Soups & Appetizers 

The versatile thai curry pastes, can be used in as many ways as you can, sky's the limit.  Use it as a flavouring agent in your stir fry, soups, or any appetizer. 

Use it as a marinade for your meat or vegetables, or just blend it along with some yogurt or mayo to make a thai dip. 


4. Meal Bowls

These meal bowl here, with noodles or even stir fried rice, use these thai curry pastes that lend great flavour to their dishes. 


So try out these recipes and tell us the different ways in which you used the thai curry paste.