Lunch Box Recieps: Masoor Dal, Achari Aloo and Jeera Rice

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Here's a delicious and wholesome Lunch Box for your office which includes Tadkewali Masoor Dal, Achari Aloo and Jeera Rice. We have also packed some grapes, almonds and dates that you can munch on whenever you feel hungry in between the meals.

We have packed Tadke Wali Masoor Dal which is packed with protein and keeps you filling till your next meal. Here, Masoor dal is cooked with ginger, garlic and tomatoes and then tempered with asafoetida and dry red chilli. Along with it, we have Achari Aloo, which is packed with chatpata flavour and Jeera Rice, where rice is cooked with ghee/oil and roasted cumin seeds.

Along with this delicious meal, we have some grapes, almonds and dates packed in your snack box that provides you extra nutrition and also saves you from eating junk whenever you feel hungry.