10 Delightful Hummus Recipes You Ought To Try Today!

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If you are anything like us we are sure you love hummus too. Hummus is a super delicious dip recipe made with mashed chickpea or various other bean variants, and blended with flavours of tahini, olive oil et al.

The versatility of hummus makes us fall in love with it every time we have it. It makes for a great dip with chips, but can alternatively also be savoured as a spread over bread or in wraps.

Hummus is not only a tasty dish, but is also super simple to prepare and additionally is also a good source of protein and other essential vitamins and minerals given the abundance of all these in chickpea and legumes. So prepare Hummus for a light snack, as part of your pre workout meal, as a dip for a movie night with your friends, just about anything!

We have put together some unique Hummus recipes that will surely win you over! Hoping you forever have enough Pita breads for your Hummus, happy cooking!