Do A Weekend Afternoon Tea Like The British Royalty!

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Rain or shine, afternoon tea is a delightful affair for one and all! And it is a known fact that no one does afternoon tea better than the British. Elegantly dressed men and women enjoying conversations over hot brimming tea, freshly baked sweets and savouries is a common tradition amongst the British.

A traditional British afternoon tea gathering consists of delectable sandwiches, delicious scones, an assortment of cakes and pastries, and of course tea! This weekend invite your girlfriends over and give them a royal British afternoon tea experience, one they will remember for days.

To make this a queenlike afternoon for you and your girls, we have put together a bunch of recipes that scream tea party like no other! So get going and invite your friends for a day filled with delicious food, juicy gossip, gratifying tea and nostalgic memories! 






Showstopper of The Party - Tea