Easy And Delicious, Try This Diabetic Meal Plate Of Amla Methi Sabzi, Paratha And Salad

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Here is a yummy and light diabetic meal plate of Tawa Paratha, Amla Methi Sabzi and Khamang Kakdi which you can have for lunch or dinner and pack it into your office lunch box as well. 

Amla Methi Sabzi is a great diabetic friendly recipe. The flavours of tangy and spicy in this sabzi makes its hard to resist but the best part is that you can eat this as much as you like.

Amla is high in Vitamin C and is great for boosting your immunity, but not only that amla helps keep your blood sugar levels steady. Methi is also known for its healing properties and a great source of soluble fiber along with maintaining your blood sugar levels. The combination of amla and methi is a great one. 

Serve it along with a Tawa Paratha or Phulka. We have also added a refreshing Maharashtrian salad Khamang Kakdi which is cucumber mixed with coconut, yogurt and then tempered. Cucumber is a low carb vegetable and it is good to include low carb vegetables in your diet to keep you feeling full for longer. Cucumbers are also loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

Try this simple yet full of nutrients and delicious meal for your weekday lunch or dinner.