115 Easy Indian Cooking Ideas For Beginners With Simple Ingredients

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One of the biggest challenges of food to most bachelors, beginner cooks, newly married or people who are living single on their own begin with worrying about a decent start to the day. A majority of them opt to eat out, to skip the hassle of complexity in deciding on what to cook and are also overwhelmed with cooking procedures. The void that beginner cooks experience by eating out is not just a case of lack of time, but also a bang on health in long run. To all of us who wonder how most Indian households cook food every day, what if we tell you that there is a decent way out to prepare an easy meal more often than we imagine?

Here are handpicked recipes chosen carefully by keeping cooking time and ease of preparation in mind, for especially those who are new to cooking, or are away from family, owing to their job or studies. Food prepared at home is a lot lighter on pockets than the food available in hotels and eat outs. These easy beginner recipes are not just hassle-free but also are nutritious. Try them one by one, every time you feel like having a decent homemade meal, and we assure you that you will love these self-made treats. After all, cooking is an essential skill for life!

Some of the basic cooking techniques we have used here are

- Kadai/ Pan Cooking 

- Pressure cooking 

Easy Breakfast Recipes 

Easy Variety Rice Recipes 

Easy Dal Recipes 

Easy Sambar Recipes 

Easy Rasam Recipes 

Easy Khichdi Recipes 

Easy Biryani & Pulao Recipes 

Easy Sabzi & Poriyal Recipes