Enjoy A Comforting South Indian Meal With Rasam, Kootu, Poriyal, Rice And Payasam

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We all love a fabulous South Indian Meal ! A plate full of South Indian dishes like Thakkali Rasam, Cabbage Poricha Kootu, Vazhaipoo Podimas, Kathirikai Poondu Pirattal, Pachai Payaru Payasam, Steamed Rice, Elai Vadam and Curd, sounds delicious right? Therefore, we got you this comforting and satisfying meal plate which you can make for your weekend Lunch or Dinner. 

Thakkali Rasam, a traditional recipe in South Indian households which is served with rice or can be had as a soup on colder days. Along with Thakkali Rasam, We have a delicious Cabbage Poricha Kootu in which cabbage is cooked with Dal in a South Indian Style. To end the meal, we have two delicious sabzis which are Vazhaipoo Podimas and Kathirikai Poondu Pirattal. Both are very healthy and provides us the necessary nutrition for the day. 

To complete the meal, we have Steamed Rice, Elai Vadam and Curd. Curd helps you in digestion and also helps you cool down in summers. What is a south Indian meal without a payasam right? Therefore, we tried this Pachai Payaru Payasam which is made of Green Moong Dal and it believe us it tastes delicious.