Enjoy A High Protein Breakfast with Chickpea Hash Browns, Baked Beans, Papaya & Chai

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What a perfect way to start your morning meals with a High Protein Chickpeas and Potato Hash Browns,  the recipes calls for softly cooked chickpeas that are mixed along with potatoes, mixed herbs and seasoning to bring out the flavour & taste. The Hash brown are the best and easy way to make a quick breakfast on a Sunday. Weekends are the time you would want to relax and also you would love to cook something special for your family members. 

You can even try out other Hashbrown recipes that we have like Hash Brown With Spinach & Cheese Sweet Potato & Spinach Hash brown to make a healthy and delicious breakfast. 

We have paired the hashbrown with a classical combination of Baked Beans. The baked beans are prepared at home with fresh and locally available ingredients which makes it a wholesome and Healthy Meal. 

The other accompaniments in this meal are some freshly cut papaya and a warm cup of Masala Chai to complete your meal. You can add any seasonal fruit of your choice to keep the plate more vibrant and healthy.