Enjoy A Weekend Dinner With Chicken Shawarma & A Summer Salad

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A middle eastern dish that has been popularised In India and is most often served as a snack during the evening times. The chicken is marinated well in a garlicky yogurt flavoured marinate and then grilled till the chicken tenderises and is cooked. The cooked meat is then wrapped inside a pita bread with creamy hummus spread and pickled cucumber, carrot & green chilli. 

We always wonder what to prepare something special for our weekend meal, but there are times we would want our meals to be lavishly made and at the same time  comforting to eat. These Chicken shawarma are the best to be had on a leisure Sunday afternoon, when your family members crave to eat something fancy. Pairing the chicken shawarma with Zucchini fritters is perfect as the fritters are light and crispy to munch on. A quick summer salad with less ingredients is then accompanied by the side to keep it fresh.