Enjoy These Snacks And Drinks During India Vs Pakistan World Cup Match

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When it comes to cricket matches, Indians are a huge fan and they go crazy when there favorite player is on the TV. People sit all day long in-front of the TV and enjoy the match till the last ball. And as the World Cup fever is going on, one single match of 50 overs runs through the entire day. We also tend to get hungry in between and the match becomes more interesting when we have our favorite drink to sip on and delicious snacks to go along with it.

This weekend we have the most interesting match coming up, which is INDIA vs PAKISTAN, and it becomes more interesting when we watch it with our close ones. So how about throwing a World Cup watch party with some delicious snacks and drinks. But people most often get confused what snacks to make that are easy and goes along with their favorite mocktail or cocktail. Therefore, we have lined up some mouthwatering veg and non veg snacks that you can make at home. Do give them a try and let us know how you liked it?

1. Vegetarian Snacks:

Here, we have some delectable vegetarian snacks such as Cheesy Kulcha Sandwich, Veggie Loaded Nachos, Crispy Corn Chaat, Mini Dal Pakwan Chaat etc. These snacks are easy to make and we are sure your guests will like a twist to your regular snacks when you make these for them to enjoy the world cup.

2. Non Vegetarian Snacks:

We also have some mouthwatering Non Vegetarian snacks such as Chicken Loaded Nachos, Mutton Spring Rolls, Chicken Meatball Tacos etc. You can also use Fish or Prawns in place of Chicken and Mutton to make these inviting and oh so delicious appetizers. If vegetarians wants to make one of these recipes, you can try using vegetable of your choice, Paneer, Soya or Tofu to substitute non veg in these recipes. 

3. Drinks:

What is a party without your favorite drink, right? Make these easy Cocktails and Mocktails for your World Cup Party. We have both Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic options that you can make during this Summer World Cup party. We also have added Aam Panna, Ice teas etc that is very refreshing, especially during this weather.