Enjoy This Ayurvedic Meal Of Sprouts Sundal, Keerai Poriyal, Pulissery And Rice

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We are back with a comforting meal that consists of a super healthy Sprouts Green Moong Sundal, Keerai Poriyal, Nendra Vzhapazham Pulissery and Steamed Rice. This is an Ayurvedic meal which you can make for your everyday meals as it is very nutritious and easy to make. 

 A finger licking good South Indian meal, packed with all things healthy, and so many flavours, all put together in one meal. 

A South Indian meal is usually never complete without rice. Steamed Rice here is served with a Kerala dish called Pulissery, which is yogurt base curry, with added goodness of the Kerala Banana called as Nendra Vzhapazham

The sides of the meal include a nutrient packed Sprouts Green Moong Sundal made using green moong and yet another super healthy side of an Amaranth Greens Stir Fry which is called as Keerai Poriyal In South India. How much more healthier can the meal really get, a perfect meal after all. 

An ayurvedic meal, these dishes are made without the usage of garlic, ginger and red chillies. This meal is good to be a part of diabetic meal too. Get ahead in your kitchen and make this meal already and let us know how you liked it?