Enjoy This Simple Sindhi Meal With Tahiri, Bhey Vangan Saag, Salad And Curd

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Here's a simple and tasty Sindhi meal plate which includes Bhey Vangan Saag, Sindhi Tahiri, Carrot, Radish & Peanut Salad with Lemon and a bowl of Curd.

Bhey Vangan Saag is a delicious combination of Lotus Stem, Baingan, Palak and Aloo. These vegetables are cooked in everyday basic masalas. It is filled with the goodness of vegetables, making it more healthy and nutritious. Along with it, we have Sindhi Tahiri, which is a sweet pulav inspired from Awadhi Cuisine.

Along with these two dishes, we have added a Carrot, Radish & Peanut Salad with Lemon and a bowl of Curd to make this meal more nutritious. Salad and Curd helps you to achieve the daily target of your nutrition intake. In place of curd, you can also add a Masala Chaas or a flavoured Raita to add more taste to your meal plate.