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Healthy, fast food for dinner? Yes, it's possible (without a drive-through window)! Many of us are hard pressed for time in the evening to make a healthy, quick dinner for ourselves and the family. This event is an initiative where we come together to create wholesome dinner options that can be made in under an hour. We should be able to put together these dishes with ease. So lets all bring together this delicious wholesome Dinner Under An Hour event and share with the world, friends and family. Go ahead to submit your recipes. This event is for every one who loves to cook great food

Please read the guidelines below for submitting vegetarian recipes.

Event Name: Dinner Under An Hour

Start Date: February 18th 2013

End Date: March 20th 2013

Please Follow These Simple Guidelines

1. Please submit your vegetarian recipes here using the form below. Scroll right below towards the end of the page.

2. Vegetarian Dinner Recipes that can be prepared under an hour, Eggs Included

3. Photo for each recipe is a must. Please use original photos taken from your camera.  Please do not use photos from the web. It is a copyright violation.

4. You can post any number of recipes.

5. Each of your recipes will be posted on Archana's Kitchen and also linked back to your blog (if you have)

6. Individuals: Go ahead and submit as many recipes. Click on Apply if you want to be a guest writer

7. Guest WriterSubmit your recipes with delicious photographs and it will be added to your Page

8. Blogger: Submit your recipe using the form below and please do mention the event link in your blog. PLease place this event link in your blogs when you submit a recipe: Event by Archana's Kitchen -Dinner Under An Hour

Guidelines for Writing Recipes and Taking Food Photographs

Do review the two articles below to get a good idea on how to write recipes with a good structure and also click a good looking food photograph.  

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Archana Doshi

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