Food Steamer For Healthy Cooking - A Must Have Kitchen Appliance

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Steaming vegetables and meat is one of the best possible ways to cook food as it not only retains the colour but also the vitamins and nutrients. Fresh steamed vegetables and meat are a healthy alternative to canned or frozen varieties. With a little time and patience and also using a good quality steamer you can have fresh steamed vegetables and meat in a matter of just a few minutes.

You can steam not just vegetables and meat, but also certain types of dishes like dumplings, meatballs and more. Creativity is in your sleeve. Steaming allows the boiling water to vaporize into steam, which heats the food without removing its nutrients. The food always stays separate from the boiling water and this results in a fine moist texture in your food, hence retaining the nutritive value of the food.  

For steaming, investing a good set if steamers always helps. When you have the right set of Kitchen appliances, it not only helps in getting the work done faster, but makes the food tastier. There are a number of different steamers on the market to choose from, and all of them provide key benefits and features. 

We have listed down some of our favorites food steamer for you to choose from and you can actually use one or the other based on your budgets and use of the them in your kitchen.

1. Multipurpose Steamer

Stainless Steel Food Steamer Dhokla Idli Indian Kitchen Recipes
The multi purpose cook n serve steamer doubles up as a kadai. When you are not steaming, you can use it as a regular stir fry pan to make sabzis and gravies. This steamer is perfect for an Indian kitchen with small nuclear families. It come with Idli places, Dhokla plates and a Vegetable/ Meat steamer that you can use to steam momos, patras, and other side dishes.

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2. Classic Stainless Steel Steamer & A Cooking Pot

Food Steamer Regular Stainless Steel
This is one of this classic steamers, where the base transforms into a pot for cooking curries, soups, rice and boil pastas. Place the steamer rack and it makes a perfect steamer for steaming vegetables meat and other dishes. The best part of the steamer is that, it has a glass lid and you can actually see what is cooking inside.

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3. Electric Steamer & Rice Cooker

Electric Food Steamer Rice Cooker Multi Purpose
The Panasonic automatic rice cooker & Steamer allows you to cook your food by making use of its multi-cooking feature, which is ideal for a number of preparations. The rice cooker comes with a thermostat that enables you to monitor the temperature very carefully, even while the food is cooking. This feature is helpful when you’re cooking those dishes that could otherwise get ruined by any drastic change in the cooking temperature. It also comes with a steamer attachments, that will save you time in cooking your favorite steamed vegetables and meats. It is simply a time saving kitchen appliance, which can be helpful in fastening your cooking time in the kitchen. 

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4.The Traditional Old Fashioned Steamer Basket

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket
This stainless steel basket is one of the simplest and cheapest tools you can add to your kitchen to steam vegetables to any other dish or meat. The “wings” that fold in and out allows you to fit it into a pot or a deep-frying pan or a kadai. All you have to do is to place the steamer basket into the pot and fill with water until it just hits the base of the steamer. If you want to invest less and make use of what you have in the kitchen then, this steamer will work really well for you.

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