Go Mexican With Elaborate Weekend Menu

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Mexican cuisine today is a fusion influence of Central American with Spanish and European cuisines. Mexican foods largely use corn, beans, avocados, meat of domestic animals, tomatoes, cheese and chilli peppers. Tacos and tortilla are famous Mexican food since ages. They came to use because of the ease of picking food without any need of bowls. Mexican cuisine also roots back to Aztec civilization who started the chocolate brews and cocoa-based recipes initially.

Mexican meals are made with meat in broth, tacos, enchiladas, quesadilla with beans, corn and veggies. Mexican meals are started with soups and accompanied with dips and salsa. Lot of grilled meat, cooked and cooled sauces are used for main course. Flans, custard, milk based desserts are their favorite dessert option besides chocolate recipes. This weekend, let your kitchen get fragrant with Mexican food, with this elaborate Weekend Mexican Menu. From soups to main course, get into savouring the Mexican food and finally cool your taste buds with apt desserts to end the meal. Happy weekend!


Mexican Black Bean Corn Soup Recipe, Mexican Red Kidney Beans Soup Recipe (Sopa De Frijol), Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe are wholesome soup ideas for a Mexican meal to follow.


Mexican Lime Chicken is marinated Chicken breasts in lime juice, lime zest, coriander, paprika and grilled either in oven or stove stop grill pan. Mexican Corn Salsa Recipe is made with variety of colorful ingredients like Corn, tomatoes, colored bell peppers, carrots and onions. Mexican Vegetable Nachos Recipe is a Mexican snack with can also be served as a side dish.

Main Course

Make a hearty meal with Mexican Brown Rice and Quinoa Casserole Recipe with lot of beans and veggies, which is a one pot dish. Chicken Chilli Cheese Quesadillas Recipe is made from healthy and low fat ingredients making it delicious one dish meal, can be served with Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Stew Recipe. Baked Mexican Rice is a one pot dish which is made with the combination of mexican flavoured rice, rajma and cheese. Mexican Low Fat Fish Wraps Recipe is another way of including seafood in a meal. Mexican Chicken Tostadas Recipe is a great recipe to taste and easy to prepare. Delicious Spiced Red Bean Mexican Burrito Bowl With Avocados and Cheesy Garlic Mayo is another brilliant idea to include in Mexican menu; it is a one dish by itself. Rice Sizzler With Tomato Coulis is a delicious one dish recipe which is made with the combination of sizzling rice, tomato coulis, vegetables, and snacks.


Tres Leches Recipe is the Mexican Three Milk Cake, served as dessert. Chocolate Lover's Cheesecake Recipe is chocolate specialty and Pistachio Cranberry Cookie Recipe blends well as a dessert option after the Mexican meal.