Health Benefits of Ragi and 20 Recipes You Can Make With It

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As we strive hard in busy lives to make the most of ourselves, it has become important more than ever to concentrate on the kind of diet that we follow to stay healthy in a longer run. Staying fit and healthy is scoring above any erratic option we pick to stuff in. Preparing food at home and eating healthy is the best option to avoid long-term side-effects of store bought ones. As we become choosier and health conscious in deciding our everyday diets, we need to explore more for healthier options to cook an interesting meal every time.

Ragi is one of those healthier options that needs to be included in our balanced diet. Ragi or finger millet is called a Super Cereal owing to its quality of nutrition.

Nutritive Value of Ragi

  1. Ragi scores high in proteins, especially methionine which is low in a vegetarian diet. Finger millet has 5-30 folds of proteins when compared to the other popular cereals.
  2. Ragi has phytochemicals which fight to regulate diabetes, antioxidants and collagen to delay aging and keeping our skin supple and internal organs young.
  3. Ragi is also high in calcium, iron and vitamin C which is important for iron absorption.
  4. Finger millet also has properties to increase good cholesterol for a healthy heart.
  5. This is a rich fibre diet that aids in easy digestion and the tryptophan in it curbs appetite and helps in weight reduction.

Ragi, when had in moderate quantities can work a miracle with all these qualities to increase strength and longevity. Now you know why our ancestors in India had strapping physique despite a lack of manufactured fortified foods.

Various Ways to Use Ragi

Ragi can be consumed in its green form before millet-ripening, or in its more-familiar brown ripe millet form, or in widely concocted dishes made of Ragi flour. In recent decades, Ragi is being fast-forgotten to be included in our daily diet. Innovative dishes can be created from Ragi to suit breakfasts, snacks or main course patterns. Pondering for various DIY options, here are 20 recipe possibilities to ignite your Ragimagination: