5 Healthy Indian Breakfast Meal Ideas With Adai & Chutney Combination

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To kick start your day, in the right manner is highly essential. Include a fitness regime, and ofcourse eat right. After a good session of exercise, calls for a healthy yet yummilicious breakfast. There's nothing like an Indian meal that's super nutritious, and that tastes great, keeping us satiated for a long period of time, keeping us going until lunch is served. One such dish is the South Indian Adai, that is packed with nutrients.

Adai essentially is similar to a dosa, but made with lentils. It is a classic dish made in Tamilian Brahmin households, but is now super popular in South India.

The adai batter is made using, chana dal, toor dal, moong dal and urad dal with a small portion of rice, all of which is soaked and blended together. It can be served, not just for breakfast but for dinner as well. Traditionally, adais are served along with some ghee and jaggery, however it goes well with chutney as well.

Some households serve it along with avial as well. A nutritious lentil dosa - adai served with a medley of veggies, really your meal couldn't get healthier than this.

So here goes, cook up these adai combinations for your next meal already.

1. Classic Adai, Coconut Chutney, Flaxseed Podi

2. Chettinad Adai, Pudina Mavinakayi Chutney, Milagai Podi

3. Foxtail Millet Paruppu Adai, Karpooravalli Chutney, Huruli Kaalu Chutney Pudi

4. Mixed Millet Adai, Spicy Tomato Chutney, Karuveppilai Chutney Podi

5. Murungai Keerai Adai, Ellu Chutney, Kadle Belle Chutney Pudi