90 Best Diabetic Breakfast Recipes That Are Healthy & Nutritious

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Many diabetics struggle everyday to keep their blood sugar in control. They ponder about what they should eat and what they should not eat so that their blood sugar levels do not spike. Many believe that if you eat less or skip a meal it will help with controlling their diabetes. This is the biggest misconception and if you are a diabetic you should never skip a meal especially your breakfast.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it should be nutritious, healthy and contain protein, fat, vitamins and minerals along with the right complex carbs to give you the right start. So here we have a list of healthy and satisfying Diabetic Friendly Breakfast Recipes which will help keep you fit.

What should you eat if you are a diabetic? A diabetic should try and eat food which have a low glycemic index (GI). Glycemic Index is a measure that ranks carbohydrates and food that contain carbs according to their effect on blood Glucose levels. Carbohydrates with low-GI are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolized by our body which in turn helps the blood sugar level rises slower. It also lowers the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. 

Some Indian food which have a low glycemic Index are bajra, broken wheat, ragi, jowar, barley, oats, wheat, buckwheat, soybean, brown rice, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, fruits and vegetables high in fiber like carrots, broccoli, zucchini ,mushrooms, cauliflower, green peas, tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables like methi, drumstick leaves. So include these in your food to maintain your diabetes. Replace unhealthy or starchy ingredients in a recipe and include high fiber non starchy ingredients instead. 

Some other simple ways in which you can maintain  a diabetic friendly diet is by broil, bake or stir-fry your food. Avoid fried food, processed food and sugars. Consume most of the daily fats moderately from raw nuts, olive oil, fish oils, canola oil, flax seeds, whole milk and avocados instead of other trans-fat foods.

Our Diabetic Breakfast Recipes help you plan your meal and make cooking easier so that you eat healthy meals which are filling as well as tasty. 

1.Diabetic Friendly Porridge and Kanji Recipes

Ragi and finger millets are rich in dietary fiber, calcium, and essential amino acids. Being rich in fiber it keeps the cravings at bay and keeping blood sugar in control. Ragi Kanji Recipe, Jowar and Vegetable Porridge Recipe and Jolada Ganji Recipe are quick to make and you can whip these dishes up in no time. You can even have these in between meals to satisfy your hunger pangs.


2. Diabetic friendly Bhurji Recipes

Bhurji are delicious and quick to make. They can be made with eggs or made completely vegetarian without eggs. Anda Bhurji Recipe is a popular breakfast recipe that is full of proteins. You can add any vegetable of your choice to make the bhurji more nutritious. Broccoli Egg Bhurji Recipe is one such recipe where the nutritious broccoli is mixed with eggs. Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe is a vegetarian Bhurji recipe and is low on GI too. Palak provides many nutrients and fiber to keep you healthy. 

 3. Diabetic Friendly Idli, Puttu, Dhokla Recipes

Idlis are such an integral part of our Indian cuisine made either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, in almost all households be it in the North or South.Adding various kinds of millets in different forms, into idli batters, is a great way to include them in your everyday meal plates. They provide great energy with negligible number of calories, they are Gluten Free and high in fiber and aid in better digestion. They low GI makes them the best food source for diabetics. Puttus and dhoklas similarly can be made using various  millets as well. Murungai Keerai Puttu and Spinach Foxtail Millet Dhokla Recipe are recipes which include green leafy vegetables making these dishes more rich in nutrients. 

4.Diabetic Friendly Paratha And Thepla Recipes

Parathas can be made diabetic friendly by filling them with ingredients that help control sugar levels. Most of these rotis have millet flours and you can serve them with a low fat yogurt by the side. Paneer Stuffed Ragi Paratha Recipe is a High Protein Breakfast that is filling and yet is diabetic friendly. Drumstick Leaves Ragi Roti Recipe and Jowar Bajra Garlic Roti Recipe uses millet flours which are diabetic friendly and full of nutrients. 

5. Diabetic Friendly Uttapam, Dosa, Cheela, Appam and Adai Recipes

Dosa, uttapams, adais and appam batters can all me ade without rice or replacing white and proceed rice with brown rice and red rice. These batters can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container and you can make these for breakfast lunch or dinner. Moong Dal Palak Cheela Recipe, Vazhaipoo Bajra Adai Recipe, Palak Dhania Dosa Recipe With Figaro Olive Oil are Ragi Onion Uttapam Recipe are all filling breakfast recipes that are diabetic friendly and good for you.