Here's A Royal Saturday Dinner - Malai Kofta, Peshwari Naan & Kesar Pista Lassi

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Here's a satisfying and wholesome meal plate idea that you can eat for your Lunch or Dinner. It consists of Malai Kofta, Peshawari Naan with a glass of delicious Kesar Pista Lassi. This North Indian meal is easy to make and is perfect when you have guests coming in for lunch or dinner.

Malai Kofta is a wholesome and rick curry in which Koftas are made of Paneer and Potato. These Koftas are then added to the rich tomato gravy. The best thing about this Kofta curry is that the Kofta are not fried. These koftas are made in paniyaram pan which makes this dish healthy. Along with this, we have served Peshawari Naan, Pickled Onions and Kesar Pista Lassi which makes this a royal meal, perfect for your weekend meals.

So if you have guests coming over this weekend, do try this mouthwatering vegetarian meal and let us know how you liked it?

  • 1. Malai Kofta Recipe (Non Fried)

    Malai Kofta, is a delicious North Indian gravy where Koftas are prepared from potates and paneer and then added to a spicy tomato gravy.

    Here, the kofta are made in Paniyaram pan which make it healthy as it takes less oil. You can also deep fry the Kofta to add in the gravy.

    This delicious Kofta gravy is a perfect recipe to make when you have guests coming in for lunch or dinner along with your North Indian meal. 

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  • 2. Peshawari Naan Recipe

    Sot, pillowy and delicious, Peshawari Naan is similar to Kashmiri Naan that you can serve with rich gravies for your meals.

    Dry fruits and coconut is used to prepare these Naan and here we have used almonds, coconut, kalonji and sultanas. You can also use apple sauce to make the mixture as it gives an extra flavour to this delicious naan.

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  • 3. Kesar Pista Lassi Recipe - Saffron & Pista Lassi Recipe

    Kesar Pista Lassi Recipe is a delicious North Indian drink that you can make for summers. This drink is made with fresh homemade yogurt, pista and saffron strands.

    This lassi makes a delicious and cooling drink after a spicy north indian meal and even the children love it.

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  • 4. Pickled Onions Recipe

    We have also added some pickled onions, which gives an extra taste when eaten with a bite of Malai Kofta and Naan.

    In these pickled onions, onions are thinly sliced and mixed with lemon and black salt. Yes, its that easy! If you want you can add some black pepper powder and chaat masala too for that extra flavour.