117 High Protein Indian Non Vegetarian Recipes For Body Building & Weight Loss

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Today, most of us are focusing to lead a healthy Lifestyle, that means make changes to our eating and exercising patterns. Along with daily workout, it is also very important to eat right to get the result. And when we talk about eating right, we mean to eat the food that provides us all the necessary nutrients. One more important segment of healthy eating is Portion Control. What is Portion Control? Well, it means having small amount of different dishes in your plate so that you get all the necessary nutrients. 

But we are always worried that small amount of food will not fill our stomach and we will be hungry again after a short time. Well, for that you have to plan your meal accordingly, and to keep you full for the longer time you should make sure that you include Protein in your everyday meals, which is very important for your body. But again the question is how much of Protein is enough for the day?

It is said that it depends on several individual factors, such as your height, activity level, and age. The recommended dietary allowance is around .8 grams per kilogram of your body weight. So you can calculate according to your body weight and include that much Protein In your everyday meals. There are many sources of Protein for vegetarian and non vegetarians, but here we will see the Non Vegetarian Protein options such as Egg, Chicken, Fish and Prawns. You can make many dishes using these High Protein Ingredients such as Curries, Starters, Salads etc. These are great to include in your everyday meals if your looking for a weight loss or body building diet, as these High Protein ingredients are low in fat.

Chicken is a low-calorie source of protein, and is also liked by everyone. There are so many Curries and Starters from all over India that you can make. Chicken also takes up the flavours really well and therefore you can play around with so many different local masalas from different Indian regions. Egg is the cheapest source of Protein and is also very easy to prepare. You can prepare Curries for your meals or they are mainly used for Breakfast to make dishes such as Bhurji, Omelette etc.

Fish is a great option for Protein as well as Omega Fatty Acids. While it is a great option for your healthy eating, it is also considered very good for your Heart, especially Salmon. Some of the fishes that are high in protein are Rawas (Indian Salmon), Katla (Indian Carp), Rohu, Bangda (Indian Mackerel), Rani, Surmai, Pompfret, Hilsa, Kekda (Crabs) and Jhinga (Prawns). So if you are Sea Food lover, you have many options to include in your everyday diet. All of these contain 18 to 26 grams per 100 grams of Protein. 

So what are you waiting for? Try these high protein Indian Non Vegetarian recipes for your everyday meals and let us know how you liked it?

1. High Protein Egg Recipes:

2. High Protein Non Veg Starters:

3. High Protein Chicken Main Course Recipes:

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