Home Bakers! Participate Now At The Baking Talent Quest by KitchenAid India

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Hello, Home Bakers! I am happy to share with you a special contest that is created just for home bakers by KitchenAid India. For all the creations that we make and share it with friends and family or as a part of your business, we home bakers have a sense of achievement and satisfaction in what we do. 

By announcing this special "ProBaker Quest" - KitchenAid salutes the perfectionist and fearless in you that makes you reinvent, innovate and experiment with the classics to offer your clients the extraordinary dishes every time. And they are in the search for India's best home baking talent.

Participate in the ProBaker Quest for Home Bakers

There's no charge to participate and there's a lot to be won. Ready to Participate?Click Here to Participate Now

6 Reasons Why You Should Participate!! 

1. THE PRIDE: Yes, you deserve to be more than just a baker next door. It's time to let all that sweat and blood you've put into your passion shine in the nationwide spotlight. Imagine being counted among the finest bakers of the nation. That's the feeling we're talking about.

2. THE PRIZES: From the time you apply to the finale, we've folded in amazing surprises for you at every step of the quest. Now we won't want to spoil the surprises but a little birdie tells us there are vouchers, free trials, and a special cake decoration workshop in the goodies.

3. THE SCALE: No, it's not your local talent hunt. It's the quest for India's best by one of the most premium international kitchen appliance brand. So everything ought to be larger than life. The jury includes celebrity chefs, gastronomic geniuses from the kitchens of Leela, JW Marriott and the likes; and the creme de la creme of the culinary world. The challenges, the venues and mention in the best food magazines. Could it get more tempting?

4. THE AFTER GLOW: Before we assume things here, let's get specific. Remember the exhilarating satisfaction of acing an impossible challenge. A feeling we believe every homebaker has relished while customizing difficult orders or mastering a new skill. Now imagine being challenged by the who's who of the baking industry. Imagine perfecting your cake decoration skills with one of the world's most sought after chefs. Got your adrenaline rushing? Well there's a lot more in store for you.

5. THE ULTIMATE COMPANION: Is all the talk of the scale and the challenges giving you butterflies in the stomach? Well, we have that covered too. Our shortlisted candidates get to try the iconic KitchenAid stand mixers, that'll later help them ace the regional rounds and later in the finale too. With the power and precision of a global kitchen expert by your side, the only ingredient you'll need to outshine the competition will be your passion!

6. THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE IMMORTALIZED: Wait, we're not talking of zen or black magic. But just imagine being crowned India's best baking talent. Now isn't that legendary. An honour for a lifetime to be a national icon. A chance to be a household name in the art of baking. Something you can proudly engrave on a tombstone or turn into an autobiography. Now isn't that the sweetest way to be remembered for generations to come.