How To Make Most Of Your Mixer Grinder

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In today’s era, everyone’s efforts have been directed at one thing, which is making life easier. Right from household to the workplace, manpower is replaced with new and innovative machines which are very easily available in the market at affordable prices. Simple machines in the kitchen and household are one of our secrets to living the pleasure of a simple life. With the help of these machines, people have become more versatile as now they are able to do multi-tasking at their comfort level.

With the growing food industry, the demand for innovative kitchen appliances is also increasing. One of such appliance which can make people’s life much easier is the mixer grinder, which is very useful and popular in an Indian kitchen.

From making juices to purees to powder, Mixer Grinder can be used in many ways. Apart from this, it shortens the time needed to prepare a dish, giving you more quality time with your family. The grinders come with different jars and several blades that can help you ease cooking time. The basic mixer grinder comes with three jars which are used in most commonly used in Indian Cooking.

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1- Juicer/Blender

Juicer or Blender helps a person in many ways. This segment of mixer grinder is can whip up delicious natural smoothies, healthy fruit and vegetable juices, packed full of nutrients which is easy for the body to digest. You just have to add the ingredients in the jar and there you go, your yummy dish is ready within few seconds. On the other hand, you can also make Tomato Purees, Pasta Sauces, Idli-Dosa Batter, Vada Batter and puree of just about anything which requires more quantity of water in it.

2- Large Dry Grinder Jar

This is the most used component of a mixer grinder in day-to-day life. From making semi-liquid purees to different chutneys, this grinder does it all. You can’t make liquid purees in this jar, as the water will splash out if the water is more. But you can always make purees which require less water or is in small quantity. You can make dips and spread like Hummus and Pestos. The best part about this Dry Grinder jar is that it makes a fine powder of spices - so making Sambar Powder, Garam Masala Powder, Chutney Powder etc become extremely easy.

3- Small Dry Grinder Jar

This is mainly used to make the paste in smaller quantities like ginger-garlic paste, green chilli paste, sesame paste etc or if you want to grind something solid in a lesser quantity. This is frequently used in the households to make a fresh paste for their daily food.

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