How To Make The Most Of Your Pressure Cooker

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Pressure cookers are almost synonymous with Indian kitchens, and amongst the first things to be purchased when a new kitchen is being set up. The reason is simple, pressure cooking as a method is highly efficient. It is versatile and helps cooking everything from vegetables to lentils, rice and even root vegetables.

That apart, the process of building up pressure in a sealed vessel  helps speed up cooking time, as well as consumes far less energy making it efficient. Pressure cooking is also known to retain much of the nutrition in food otherwise lost in a long cooking process like boiling or frying. For working men and women, pressure cookers can be quite the boon in whipping up quick meals that are tasty as well as nutritious.

Take a look at this article to see a detailed study on everything you need to know about pressure cookers, understanding how different size and materials work, as well as how to use a pressure cooker.

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