How To Organize The Kitchen Pantry - With Right Containers For Spices & Food Storage

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While setting up a new kitchen, containers for storage of foods is of paramount importance. Choosing the right colour, quantity and material of these food storage containers becomes the key. Along with these parameters, the desirability to space save for smaller kitchens has to be kept in mind in choosing the containers and storage.

Most of the kitchen containers and food storage are made of glass, ceramic, stainless steel, melamine, or plastic. Need of storage material also differs with the type of food that should be stored in containers. Dry food materials and frequently used dry ingredients like spices, dals, cereals, pulses, can be kept in any type of containers but the wet foods like chutney, pickle, leftovers of cooked food, juices or dairy products need specific kinds of storage materials for optimum shelf life. Have a look at the material of food containers that fit for specific category of foods and detailed properties. Make sure that the chosen containers and storage are cleaned in every couple of months based on their place and usage, which will only bring more elegance to your kitchen.

1. Glass & Ceramic

Borosil Classic Glass Jar

Glass & Ceramic are said to be the least reactive of all other kitchen container-materials, and hence the safest option for healthy kitchen. Handling glass and ceramic containers could be a tedious and careful process every time since they are sensitive to breakage and mishandling. These containers with air-tight lids made of plastic, rubber lined glass lids or cork stops can be used for most of the dry food and wet food storage. Glass storage or ceramic containers with airtight lids are best suited for pulses, cookies, baked foods and most of the processed foods. Also, dry foods in plain glass containers add to the beauty of the kitchen. These might not be easily stackable and hence, glass & ceramic containers are better option for medium to large kitchens. But among these materials, we need to have a specific set of fusion containers that are made of more than one type of material for airtight storage or classiness. These are the best form of storage in refrigerators as well.

Recommended Storage Container to BuyBorosil Classic Glass Jar

2. Stainless Steel

Dynamic Store Stainless Steel Kitchen Storage Canisters With See Through Lid

Many of us would have grown up in stainless steel containers-stacked kitchen. This is mostly since our mothers and elders knew that they can be easily washed often and reused with variety of foods, most foods fit in them without harmful reactions and they are easy to maintain and durable. Stainless steel is hardy to breakage and mishandling as well. Stainless steel with embedded designs within and see through lids, improve the elegance of traditional kitchens.

Recommended Storage Container to BuyDynamic Store Stainless Steel Kitchen Storage Canisters With See Through Lid

3. Melamine

Servewell Melamine Storage Jar

Melamine is increasingly becoming popular in Indian kitchen, especially for serving foods. This melamine also makes for decent containers with rubber lined or plastic lids that works well with most foods in kitchen. However, they are more prone to damages comparatively. Dry food ingredients when stored in melamine containers perform well, just like in glass or ceramic storage.

Recommended Storage Container to BuyServewell Melamine Storage Jar

4. Food Grade Plastic

Tupperware New Smart Saver

Plastic is a versatile basic material put to different uses in kitchen. Plastic containers and storage boxes does not readily react with dry foods. Hence, plastic storage is cost-effective for many foods like pulses, rice, wheat, flours and dals. Since many plastic containers are stackable, these work fine for small and medium kitchens. Owing to their versatile colour, texture and designs, they are considered as convenient for modern kitchens. Women who often want to change the look of their kitchen by buying new containers every year or often, plastic containers & storage works just fine.

Recommended Storage Container to BuyTupperware New Smart Saver

5. Wooden

Craft Art India Wooden Storage Jar

A niche category of containers specially meant for dried vegetables, spices, tea, coffee, sugar and other dry foods is wooden storage. Though a trivial choice of container material, wooden containers work well for many dry ingredients but one needs to watch out for moisture around them. Wooden containers are in more demand in traditionally designed Indian kitchens.

Recommended Storage Container to BuyCraft Art India Wooden Storage Jar

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