How To Plan A Great Kids Birthday Party With Delicious Food

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Organizing a successful birthday party at home sounds so good when you imagine the most beloved people at your place on an important day. And to organize a kid’s birthday party, you need your preferences and your son’s or daughter’s inclinations to be combined to form a nice party which the guests need to appreciate whenever they recollect. Moms and Dads learn a lot from other birthday parties about hosting a party in general, but unless you are really in the closest circle of the host, you might miss out on details.

To organize a wonderful kid’s birthday party, follow these suggestion checklists to make it pleasurable and easy to handle.

1. Planning Birthday Party Theme, Date, and Venue

Sit with your kid to agree with a theme which suits your time at hand and budget. You can decide by the baby’s likes if it is your baby’s first or second birthday. Also, make points of main ideas like the backdrop, settings, music, and return gifts to achieve the ambiance that you wish. Decide a convenient date such that it would be possible for the key guests and family members to attend. Select a venue home, a party hall or any other place. You could also plan the venue as your backyard or terrace to make it even more fun.

Decide the MC in the family in advance, who will be responsible for all the events as per plan. Assign other members of the family and closest friends to take care of various parts of the function, right from welcoming the guests, tending to their needs, serving the elderly and kids, taking care of gifts, handing return gifts to guests, and even pushing the guests for photos!

Make a schedule of activities be conducted on the day of the birthday party and get ready with all the supplies of each sub-activity. This master list of all the birthday supplies should help you be very organized in making the party successful. List any prize goodies if planning for games and shop all party supplies in advance, instead of being on a shopping spree till the last minute. Planning and shopping ahead of time definitely calm your nerves of last minute tensions.

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2. Party Invitations

Assessing the number of guests and diving the probable age group to be visiting will help you decide the portions of food to be ordered or prepared at home. Also, this will help you segregate the return gifts according to age and gender.

Word your invitations beautifully as to attract the guests and do make an effort not to miss any invites that have been planned. Invite key members in advance and give all the guests a call before a week of the birthday party to remind them how important they are to your party.

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3. Party Preparation

Strike a deal with the venue and visit the place to customize as per your preference. If you are conducting an in-house birthday party, clean the house and the area where the party is planned and check on the lighting arrangements as well. Plan from where to keep the welcome drinks to the cake, food on the menu to drinking water, washing area and napkins. Think and execute any changes or displacement of furniture or home décor if required. Just keep in mind the number of guests to be comfortably accommodated in the place while planning. Rent out furniture or furnishing if required.

Get ready with your camera by charging and freeing its memory or get your cameraman ready to cover the event.

Decorate the house one day in advance or well beforehand to plan food and cake smoothly after once the decorations are complete. If you are using hand-decorated items for display or gifts, you need to complete them all during the previous week of your planned birthday party. Balloons might require being prepared on the day, but except which, it would be nicer and a lot smooth-going if other decorations are done in advance.

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4. Party Food & Execution

Decide about the food and the varieties that you can include by keeping in mind the time of the party. Also, you need to make sure that there are lesser fussy-eats, such that the kids arriving for the party need not mess themselves with food all over, nor your place. Smaller portions of healthy and mildly spiced recipes will minimize wastage and won't even be tough on digestion.

Once you are through with your party food recipes list, call a caterer and make a deal, or if you can also add to the glam of a super mom and dad by cooking them yourself, make an extensive shopping list of the ingredients required. Also, enlist the utensils, cutlery and any other special requirement/appliance for the kitchen that are to be bought. Cook the "keepers" like cut fruits, desserts, and juices in advance and freeze them for a fabulous event. Cut all the possible veggies in advance and effortlessly cook with guidelines priorly jotted down to help while cooking.

Display the food with a nice arrangement and in order to help your guests easily choose the recipes they want. Also, arrange in an eye-catchy way using nicer chinaware and cutlery such that the setting can be picture perfect. Execute the events as per plan and reward your guest with return gifts. Most important of all, put that pleasant 4-inch long smile of yours during the whole party to be crowned as the perfect hostess!


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