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Hi I am Indu, and I come from Kerala, God's own country. I am a software engineer by profession, the youngest (and pampered, says my brother) child of my parents, have a six year old son and am a true blue foodie. I always thought it would be tough juggling a full time job and a son, and I was not wrong. But it has been fun most of the time, and in the process, I have learnt to be patient, forgiving and loving, and have discovered a passion for cooking. Agreed that I have always appreciated good food, but it was only after I left home for work and realized (with a shock) that I won't have my mum with me all the time to serve me hot rice, curries and stir fries, that I tried my hand at cooking for the first time ever. And to my surprise and joy, I found that this was fun, that I was not bad at it. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here, and you drop by again, and leave your valuable comments.

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Paneer Pancake Recipe

Monday, 28 September 2015 00:18

The Paneer Pancakes are light and fluffy pancakes with a distinct creamy taste that comes from the use of paneer or Indian cottage cheese. Your kids are going to start their day on a happy note if you give them this for breakfast, and the good dose of proteins from paneer and eggs will put you at ease ...

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