15 Grape Recipes That You Must Try Today - Salads | Desserts | Appetizers

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Grapes is one such fruit that is loved by everyone, from adults to children. The sweet and tart taste of these grapes can also be used in making different delicious recipe. Grapes have been around since ages, and is mostly eaten fresh but it is also used to make wine, jams, jellies, vinegar and grape seeds oil.

Grapes comes in beautiful colors of green, red, black, purple and now even white which is genetically modified from the purple grape. There is nothing like the sweet tart flavors of grapes. Glistening shiny grapes are always so inviting and to satisfy your grape cravings here are some delicious grape recipes for you that you can make at home.

Since grapes are highly perishable, there are many frozen grape recipes that you can make. Also you can dehydrate them. Yes, you can make your own raisins at home. Follow How To Make Homemade Raisins to have a stock of sweet raisins at home. You can also juice grapes and use it to make Ice Tea Sangria, which is a refreshing drink that you can serve to your guests at a tea party or dinner party.

Grapes are an excellent source of Vitamin C & K, they are natural sources of antioxidants and a good source of fiber. Like all fruits grapes have zero cholesterol.

When buying grapes see that the skin of the grapes are not wrinkled and they look plump. The grapes should hold firmly to their stem and not fall out easily when you shake them gently. There should be no bruises and cuts and any grapes with leaking juices.  

Grape salads are oh so refreshing, the natural sugars found in all grape varieties not only add an explosion of flavour, they are also low GI that is glycemic index where grapes are broken down by your body more slowly and cause a gradual rise in blood sugar levels over time, giving you long-lasting energy.

They also make a great addition to pie and other baked treats. Make Grapes Muffin Recipe which you can have for a quick breakfast or serve as a tea time and after school snack.There are so many tasty treats that you can make with grapes, Check out our grape recipes and do let us know how you like them.

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