Involve Your Kid In Making Brunch This Sunday

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One of the daily tasks of parents is to ensure that their kids eat well and healthy. But kids have their own preferences and eating habits that are challenging for parents to cope with. Kids are curious about new things and this is where the parents need to concentrate on. When the kids are involved in preparation of meals, the kids find it all the way more interesting to try the recipes that are made by them. Howeverminiscule their help is, their work that goes into the food thus prepared has a satisfaction attached.

Make the process of eating exciting, by talking about the food casually (not only when it’s time to eat!). Let the kids know about the food first and then be asked to eat. Let this Sunday be a day to try out kid-friendly recipes for brunch. Preparing ingredients ahead of time can help you be organised and you can have your full attention on how to use your kid in cooking. Give them simple tasks like mixing the ingredients or placing the recipes to be cooked, on fire or oven. Keep an eye all the time so that they do not fiddle with any kitchen tools that could be dangerous. Assign the tasks of cutting fruits or veggies if your kid is big enough to handle it. And its ok to give them paring knife to cut fruits and have an eye on them while they’re on the task is a must. Here are recipes to cook with involvement of your kid this Sunday. Feel proud about the way your kid helped and you will be glad when they grow up to help you in tasks every day.

Breakfast Fruit Tarts Recipe uses any seasonal and preferred fruits and made with ingredients of simple porridge. Herb Muffins With Cheese Recipe are healthy and tasty, needs minimum effort and they can be served in brunch. The Skillet (Tawa) Pizza with Roasted Vegetables is a simple and quick pizza that is made with a non-yeast pizza dough and topped with a super simple homemade tomato basil pasta sauce.

Doddak Recipe is a Konkani delicacy made with pre soaked lentils, where kids can be involved in pouring the batter on to the tawa and to flip them over. Chocolate Pancakes With Banana are best for Sunday morning breakfast and are kids favourite too. Southern Buttermilk biscuits are baked, with a firm browned crust and a soft interior, served with butter, jelly, or honey or gravy dishes.

Spiced Coconut Oatmeal with Assorted Fruits Recipe is a simple homemade quick breakfast recipe made with few healthy ingredients. Eggs are easiest breakfast to cook and normally we make omelette with that but now we have one more option with egg muffin with vegetables recipe. Orange Cranberry Cupcakes recipe is easy to prepare and is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Oats and wheat germ crumble, layered with sweet and moist cinnamon coated apple slices make this to make Oats And Apple Crumble Pie Recipe. Simple ingredients like banana, oats, milk, and bread can make this delicious and wholesome breakfast of French Toast Oatmeal Bake Recipe. Banana Date Smoothie is a delicious and wholesome drink and can involve all the help from kids.

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