Is Vegan Diet Healthy? Read More on Its Health Benefits and Get 66 Recipes To Help You Kick Start The Diet

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In recent times a lot of people are following a Vegan Diet which is associated with living healthy life. We know that in a vegetarian diet meat, fish, or poultry, are not included, but in a vegan diet, there is no use of any animal products and by-products from them, such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, wool, cosmetics, and soaps derived from animals. Essentially, being a vegan is definitely more of a lifestyle choice and a philosophy than a diet.

A lot of might question if a vegan diet is healthy, does it provide the right nutrition and will not eating dairy affect my bone and calcium health. Research shows that there are a lot of potential benefits of a vegan diet. Let's go over it one by one. 

Research says that vegan diet if not followed with a good diet, can be nutritionally poor. It is naturally poor in calcium, vitamin D, iron, omega 3 fatty acids among the many. Hence, it is important, that if you follow a vegan diet, then you have to work doubly hard to ensure that a lot of the missing nutrients coming from meat and dairy is substituted in the right portions through the foods you eat. You might even have a need to take additional supplements after consulting with your doctor or nutritionist.  Having said the above, vegan diet does come with some benefits.

Benefits of Vegan Diet

1. Low Saturated Fats

A diet without any meat and milk products is is likely to contain a less saturated fat, which essentially means that the vegan diets contain fewer calories. We are aware that by reducing the amount of saturated fats from our diets, we will improve our cardiovascular health. 

2. Diet Enhanced With Fiber, Minerals & Antioxidants

In a Vegan diet, one tends to consume more grains, fruits and vegetables. With a high fiber diet, helps to fight various diseases. The consumption of nuts, seeds, and dark green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of magnesium which helps bone health. Magnesium is an important vitamin that aids in the absorption of calcium. 

3. Lowers Blood pressure

A vegan diet is usually rich in whole grains, as they provide the bulk of protein and fiber. Research says that Eating more whole-grain foods on a regular basis may help reduce your chance of developing high blood pressure. Read More.

4. Weight Loss

Because a vegan diet consumes less saturated fats that comes from meat and milk, eating a smart vegan diet, can help in weight loss.

If you plan to take up a Vegan Diet ensure that you eat a healthy balanced diet with eat plenty fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and pulses. Reduce the consumption of fatty foods and sugars to stay in the peak of health. And yes, In addition to the diet, good lifestyle, sleep and exercise does play a role.

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