Lunch Box Recipes:Chow Chow Kootu, Tawa Paratha, Kala Chana Salad

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Here is a healthy lunch box Idea that has Chow Chow Kootu, Tawa Paratha, Kala Chana Salad & Curd that can be packed and sent it to your kids and even packed for your office lunch box as well. At Archana's kitchen we always create a menu that will suit your everyday needs and also help you plan your day better by just having a look at our everyday Lunch box Ideas.

In today's Lunch box we have made Chow Chow Kootu which is a vegetables that is used in most parts of India. We have made it a South Indian version by adding some moong dal and tempering it with some spice. This way we have also added protein into your diet. If you want to try out other recipes from Chow Chow you can have look at our Chow Chow Curry Recipe (Chayote Squash Stir Fry) or Chow Chow and Carrot Kootu Recipe

Then we have added an Indian Salad which is the Kala Chana salad tossed in some freshly grated carrot, tomato, cucumber and mixed win with freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can also try out other salad recipes like Kakdi Chi Koshimbir Recipe or South Indian Style Green Moong Sprouts, Raw Mango & Corn Salad

We have then paired it with Tawa paratha and Curd. If you want to add some raita you can even try out our raita recipes like Cauliflower & Cucumber Raita Recipe or Kela Anar Raita Recipe