Kids Lunch Box Ideas:Creamy Vegetable Oats Mayo Sandwich, Whole Wheat Biscuit and Apple

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Looking for a healthy Lunch box for your kid is very difficult task for all mothers. At the same time demanding the dish to be tasty is even harder. Sandwich is the most safest way to pack inside a lunchbox for your kids because you can fill any kind of stuffing which can taste nice. Making a coleslaw is the easiest salad among all as it is freshly chopped vegetables which is tossed with some creamy mayo. In this sandwich we have not just made coleslaw but added few oatmeal flakes to give it a different texture as well as incorporating an healthy element to the dish. We have then paired it with some healthy whole wheat biscuits to chew on. Adding a fruit to your meal will also help in building up the natural nutrients in your body. 

What it has: 

  • Carrots and Bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C
  • Oats are really good for dietary fibers and protein. 
  • Whole wheat is a good source for carbohydrates which will give you enough energy 
  • Green Apple is a good source of fiber and several antioxidants