Kids Lunch Box Ideas: Godumai Dosai, Sesame Chutney, Carrot Cucumber Salad

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Kids lunch box meal are always tricky to pack as kids are fussy about whatever they eat . The lunch box meal have to simple for them and at the same time tasty. But for all mothers, they constantly worry on the nutritional value that has to go in their Kids diet. This is very crucial because the kids need the right type of food for their growing age.  At Archana's Kitchen we have given this utmost importance and we have created a delicious lunch box meal that you can pack for your kids without any worries.

 The lunch box consists of simply whipped wheat flour into a smooth batter filled freshly chopped onions. The dosa is then paired with nutty and creamy sesame chutney. For the crunch we have paired freshly cut carrot and cucumber salad. The dosa can also be packed with a spicy potato palya. 

What it has: 

  1. Wheat will help in providing in Vitamins and Minerals. 
  2. Proteins from the sesame seeds Chutney.
  3. Vitamin C from carrot salad.
  4. Carbohydrates from potato palya.