Kids Lunch Box Ideas: Soya Methi Palak Sabzi, Beetroot Salad, Phulka & Watermelon

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Here is an amazing and healthy Kids or Office Lunch Box Idea with Soya Methi Palak Sabzi, Beetroot Salad, Phulka & Watermelon that can be quickly packed in the morning without any hassle in the kitchen. 

We have made sure to add the right colors as well greens and vegetables that are required for your everyday diet. The soya methi and palak sabzi is rich Iron and vitamins as it is made from fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves and Palak (spinach) leaves. The ground green gravy is then tossed with some soya chunks that helps to up the protein content in your everyday meals. 

Then the sabzi is served along with a fresh Beetroot salad that is very nutritious as the vegetables that we have added are rich in Vitamin C. The sabzi is also accompanied by a fluffy Phulka. It is then complete with fresh watermelon. Adding fruits to your everyday meal is very necessary to add good amount of vitamins and minerals into your everyday diet.