Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan-Palak Pulao,Grilled Tomato Cheese Sandwich, Rajma Wrap & More

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Here is a new Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan to help you pack healthy, nutritious and tasty Lunch boxes for your kids. We have Palak Pulao with boondi raita, Grilled Tomato Cheese Sandwich with  Energy bar, Rajma Wrap Recipe With Carrot Cucumber Sandwich Spread with Fruit Bowl, Pasta with Carrots and Basil & Fruit Bowl, Aloo Beans Sabzi, Phulkas with Dhaba Style Green Moong Dal Tadka.

Since exams for most kids are around the corner it is important to give and pack the right food to fuel your kids and help them concentrate more during the day. Its important to fuel your kids brain the right way and some of the important food groups that you should include in their everyday diet is grains, seasonal fruits, vegetables, milk products and nuts.

We have included energy bar and fresh fruit bowls in your kids lunch box to add more nutrition and its the best brain food that you can give your child. Bananas are really good and packed with nutrition so if choosing a fruit pack bananas. 

Follow our menu plan to give your kids a wide variety of vegetables and healthy grains. Palak pulao is full of nutrition and fiber and mixed vegetable recipes also give your kids more variety.

Apart from good food a good sleep also helps recharge your kids brain.  

Below are some of the Snack Dabba's you can pack into your kids school lunch box so that they do not snack on junk and store bought snacks.

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days



Palak Pulao & Boondi Raita

Palak Pulao is a tasty pulao recipe with the goodness of palak. Pick and keep Palak ready to make pulao easily in the mornings. Pack it with boondi raita for a wholesome lunch. 


Grilled Tomato Sandwich & Energy Bar

Grilled Tomato Cheese Sandwich is a quick, easy and healthy Sandwich recipe which you can whip up in a jiffy in the mornings. You can add other vegetables of your choice to make the sandwich more healthy. Pack it with an energy bar. You can make energy bars over the weekend and add them to your kids lunch boxes when ever you want. 


Rajma Wrap & Fresh Fruit Bowl

This is a high protein wrap which is a really delicious. You can soak the rajma the previous day and cook and keep them in airtight container the previous night to make these wraps easily in the mornings. Pack it with some fresh fruit bowl.


Pasta with Carrots and Basil & Fresh Fruit Bowl

Conchiglie Al Forno Recipe with Carrots and Basil is a creamy pasta recipe which your kids will surely enjoy. You can steam the carrots the previous night and keep them in airtight container in the fridge. While packing pasta ensure that you pack it with extra sauce as pasta tends to dry up over time. 


Aloo Beans Sabzi, Dal & Phulka

Aloo beans Sabzi can be made easily if you chop and keep the vegetables ready the previous night. You can either make the Masoor dal the previous night for dinner or if you want to make it fresh ,then soak masoor dal and keep, to help cook the dal faster in the mornings. Knead the  dough and keep it ready for the phulkas the previous night as well.