Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan-Sprouts Coriander Dosa, Penne Pasta, Sarson Saag Pulao & More

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Here is a delicious and healthy Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan of Sprouts Coriander Dosa with Thengai Thogayal , Penne Pasta Recipe In Alfredo Sauce With Roasted Mushrooms with Fresh fruit bowl, Sarson Saag Pulao with Lauki Raita, Oats Carrot Bell Peppers Mayo Sandwich with Fresh fruit bowl & Healthy Vegetable Paratha Rolls with Green Chutney.

We have planned this week's kids lunch box menu plan where some recipes use a lots of mixed vegetables or greens and sprouts. Adding various ingredients in your kids diet ensures that he or she gets their recommended dose of nutrients that are important for growth, development and learning. While cooking for your kids we need to keep in mind that they get the five basic food groups- vegetables, fruit, grain ,dairy and protein.

Fruits and vegetables give your kid vitamins, minerals, fiber and disease fighting chemicals. Include fresh and seasonal fruits for your kid. Instead of packing packaged, high in sugar ready made snacks pack a fruit or two in your kids snack boxes. 

Grains give energy, choose whole wheat pasta, oats, quinoa other than rice and wheat to include grains in your kids diet. Nuts and lentils provide the important protein. Sprouting legumes help increase their nutritional value. 

So try our Kids Lunch Box Menu plan to give your child the right growth.

Along with healthy lunch box here are here are some tasty after school snack ideas

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days


Mixed Sprouts Coriander Dosa & Coconut Chutney

Sprouts are powerhouse of nutrition and Mixed Sprouts Coriander Dosa helps you include sprouts in your kids diet in a delicious way. Mixed sprouts and coriander is ground and mixed along with your regular idli/ dosa batter. If you have any batter left over then this recipe is a great way to use left over idli/ dosa batter. Pack it along with a spicy and tangy Thengai Thogayal. 


Penne Pasta & Fresh Fruit Bowl

This delicious creamy white sauce pasta will be a sure hit with your children. You can add any vegetables of your choice. Here we have used only mushrooms. Simple and easy to make, you can make your mornings go smoother by cooking the penne pasta at night and keep it refrigerated in an airtight container. Make fresh sauce in the mornings and add in the pre cooked penne pasta. Ensure that the pasta has more gravy as pasta tends to dry up after some time.


Sarson Saag Pulao & Lauki Raita

This tasty Pulao recipe is made using sarson leaves, palak leaves, methi leaves all mixed together to make a delicious pulao. Sarson Saag Pulao Adds fiber and lots of vitamins, minerals and disease fighting chemicals into your kids diet. Pick and keep leaves in airtight containers in your fridge the day before to make this pulao quickly in the mornings. Serve it with healthy Lauki Raita to add more nutrition.


Sandwich & Fresh Fruit Bowl

Full of dietary fiber Instant oats is added with carrots and bell peppers and mayo to make a delicious and healthy filling for a sandwich. You can make this salad quickly in the mornings. Pack them with some fresh seasonal fruits. 


Paratha Roll & Green Chutney

Healthy Vegetable Paratha Rolls is yet another tasty and delicious roll recipe made of nutritious mixed vegetables. Some prep work that you can do the previous night is keep the potatoes boiled, and make the dough for the parathas the previous night.