Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Aloo Paratha, Puri Chole & More

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Kids School Lunch Box Planning is so crucial and is an important activity in every home. This week, we have a kids school lunch box recipe menu plan where we give you tips and trick of how to pack each of the lunch boxes from Aloo Paratha, Puri Chole & More.

The most important part of planning a lunch box is to ensure the lunch boxes are simple and have just a small portion of food. Children have short lunch breaks and to top it, they want to maximise the lunch break hour, they want to head out and get some play time.

So it is important, you think in small portions. Have a snack box in the morning, which has fresh fruits and dry fruits. They give the children instant energy and helps them carry their school work and activities through the day.

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I hope you enjoy these lunch boxes. Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating.


Aloo Paratha, Dahi & Honey

Pack a wholesome lunch box with Aloo Paratha and Dahi. Tips for planning: Make the paratha stuffing and the dough the previous evening. By doing so, your morning time will get shortened. Also you can serve the paratha along with honey, or even a tomato sauce if your children like it. In addition, you can also pack fruits so add to a little sweetness post lunch.


Spinach Rice & Curd

Spinach rice is a versatile dish which all kids love. Its a great way to include spinach to a child's diet. Tip for packing: Have some cooked rice ready the previous day, that way making the spinach rice becomes easy the next morning.


Puri, Chana Masala, Curd

Puri and Chana masala is every childs favorite. A great way to save time is actually make the chana masala the previous day, so you can use that time in making the puri fresh.


Green Moong Dal Biryani & Curd

This is a delicious and wholesome dish which is quick to make if you have some green moong dal sprouted or soaked. Children simply love single dish meals and when serving it along with dahi and may be some papad, will add to some fun.


Paneer Makhani, Phulka & Curd

Here is a delicious lunch. Paneer is wholesome and is packed with protein and pack it with soft phulka smeared with ghee. The addition of ghee keeps the phulka soft. Tip for packing: Make the tomato puree the previous day, so it becomes easy to make Paneer Makhani the previous day.