Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Beans Peanut Poriyal, Achari Aloo, Spinach Pasta, Paneer Tikka Sub, Tofu Fried Rice

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This week's Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan has Beans Peanut Poriyal, Achari Aloo, Spinach Pasta, Paneer Tikka Sub, Tofu Fried Rice which you kids will simple love. All it requires to pack a wholesome lunch box for kids is some love and lot of planning and patience.

I hope you enjoy the planning tips we have shared with you, so it will help in planning and making a kids school lunch box a breeze on busy mornings. We have kept the foods wholesome and tried to include all the food groups from proteins, carbohydrates and also most important energy giving nutrition rich brain foods for our children.

With a little planning, these lunch boxes will be easy to put together. Just ensure that you minimise or avoid all kinds of processed foods for children, as children need nutrition rich foods for development of the mind and body.

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days


Achari Aloo, Tawa Paratha, Curd

This Achari aloo is super simple and tasty and brings in all the taste of the and flavors of the Achar. Add a little cream or dahi to the aloo to make it a little wet and it will blend perfectly into the lunch box along with tawa paratha. Have the potatoes boiled the previous evening and the paratha dough ready as well - this will help you in the busy mornings.


Spinach Pasta & Wheat Ladoo

Adding veggies like spinach into the pasta makes it fun and tasty of the the kids. The creamy texture of the pasta makes a good lunch box. A small tip - add a little extra sauce and pack the pasta once it has cooled down. For preparation, you can cook the pasta the previous evening and toss it in olive oil, so it does not stick together. Make a batch of the whole wheat ladoos made with jaggery and pack into the lunch box. It gives the kids a lot of energy as well.


Paneer Tikka Subway Sandwich & Fruits

Here is a lip smacking and protein rich sandwich made with subway bread. These sandwiches hold well until lunch and the creamy mayo inside it brings in a lot of taste and flavor to the sandwich. There is absolutely no prep required - you just need to ensure you have all the ingredients handy.


Lemongrass Flavored Tofu Fried Rice Recipe & Energy Bar

Fried rice - when you combine it with tofu and lots of vegetables, make a very nourishing lunch for kids. It is easy to make once you have all the vegetables chopped the previous evening and also have some cooked rice ready. Make a batch of energy bars and store it for the week, so can find its way into the lunch box.